Does Obama Favor Islam Over Christianity?

Throughout Barack Obama’s tenure as President, many have suggested he is a “closet Muslim,” citing as proof his lack of support for Israel, bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, and his misstatement that there are “fifty-seven states”—which is actually the number of Muslim nations.

While interesting, none of these charges rise to the level of proof, especially since Obama was a member of Jeremiah Wright’s Christian congregation for twenty years. While definitely not mainline Christian, Wright, who is steeped in Liberation Theology, has a perspective that is anti-Israel and anti-American. Additionally, Wright gave Louis Farrakhan—a militant Muslim—a lifetime achievement award. This is guilt by association, however, and not proof that Obama is pro-Islam. None of Wright's viewpoints have stuck to Obama, who apparently never listened to a word of Wright’s rhetoric, although a member of the man's church for twenty years.

When it comes to Obamacare, however, there is proof—definite proof. Obama's anti-Christian, pro-Islam position is now the law of the land, and his anti-Christian position has become clear recently by his administration’s anti-Catholic regulations.

Catholics have become infuriated by what they consider “a war on religion,” based on the Obama administration's recent decision on “employers' birth control coverage.” According to Monsignor W. Ronald Jameson, “There can be no doubt that religious liberty in our country is in jeopardy.” He added, “This is the time to speak up. This is the time for all voices to be heard.”

Jameson’s ire was based on the controversial ruling that President Obama made recently, mandating that all employers, as part of the 2010 health care overhaul, must cover in full the cost of female contraception, which contradicts the fundamental beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church. Doctrinally, Catholicism opposes the use of birth control, which the Obama administration knows full well. To Catholics, it appears that they have been singled out for persecution.

Leading Catholics and other Christians point out that Obamacare negatively impacts Catholic-affiliated organizations—schools and colleges, hospitals, charities and the like—which employ multiplied thousands from all religious faiths, none of which qualify for a religious exemption.

At the same time, Obamacare protects Islamic beliefs—specifically the concept of Dhimmitude, which most Americans don’t understand, but they should. It’s now the law of the land, and it’s located on page 107 of the healthcare bill—Obamacare.

Obamacare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States. Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be "gambling," "risk-taking," and "usury." In Islamic nations, it is banned. Therefore, according to Obamacare, Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on their belief system.

Islamic beliefs are protected; Catholic beliefs are not. It's as simple as that.

According to Obamacare, Christians can have IRS liens placed against them for not purchasing health insurance, while Muslims are exempted, based on their religious beliefs. This is Dhimmitude.

Barack Hussein Obama, as President, has created legislation that rewards Islam and punishes Christianity. Not only is this patently unfair, it is real and tangible proof of Obama’s clear preference of Islam over Christianity.

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Comment by Robin Lynae McDowell Brown on February 10, 2012 at 2:35pm

I have had so many private messages about the conversation that took place between Tim Dawson and Jack Watts. I am tickled at the passion you both feel. Don't ever hesitate to use my wall for discussing such issues. I have read Jack's article several times over and again today after a discussion I had with a friend lastnight. I was enlightened by this friends viewpoint (who agreed with Tim (GULP!). As I mentioned in my original post, the healthcare bill had nothing to do with faith or OBAMA. For the record, I do not have one iota of care, nor an opinion, as to whether he is a Muslim. What I DO care about is to whether the President of the United States believes in THIS country, the Constitution, adheres to it, respects our rights, our flag (and should ABSOLUTELY salute it and place his hand to his heart), our individual religions, and to remember and to respect the history of this country and the people behind it. Please take the time to read the posts I put on your walls. I have now read more than I ever wanted to know about Dhimmitude. I also read, in depth, the different sections in the healthcare bill that address the issues of religious beliefs, exemptions, etc. I understand parts of it but it is simply too deep for an uneducated idiot like me. WAIT! Didn't Pelosi also say we had to pass it to find out what was in it? To fully understand it? Hmmm. I will keep my opinion to myself FOR NOW.I am fully aware of the issues that come with having a pre-existing condition and with the incredibly high costs associated with insurance. Being self employed and having a PE, we were paying $981.00 PER MONTH, for several years, for a family of four (straight out of our bank account) and it caused financial strain for sure. Was I frustrated knowing that a lot of people get medical attention and never have to pay a dime all the while being nickle and dimed to death for my own medical expenses? Yes, of course. But would I wish that other person to not have the same care I was receiving because of inability to pay for it? Not for ONE second. That life and the quality of that persons life, is no less valuable than mine. Tim, I know you understand that as well. I believe that EVERYONE, no matter their ability to pay, deserves to have medical care. This is where humanity has to play a role. Love for human life. "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." (Angelina Jolie or someone of the sort. I don't know who said it) . Not government control or regulation. Here is what I know for sure. The government has no place in controlling ANY choice I make as it pertains to my health, my body, my faith, if I were to marry someone of the same gender, etc. This includes abortion and birth control. The consequences are MINE to deal with, morally and physically, negative or positive. It so happens that I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have HIM to answer to as my higher power. I answer to myself after that. Not my government. I obey the law of the land and I pay my taxes. I live an honest life the best I can. I do not take from my country or fellow citizens what I have not earned. But I know that if tomorrow I were to come across a person in trouble, rich or poor, I would reach out my hand to help. 
My Vote? Mickey Freakin' Mouse. Cliche, overused... but who cares?


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